“-Re” Adapt no. 4 – Going Big

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I love browsing new developments. Is so much fun to see what people create. And though at times I end up imitating my dog and crookedly staring at the screen in confusion, I always have a blast. Original layout: •  Completed: 2012 Surface: 192m² This is a gigantic apartment, with a beautiful amount of window space. […]

“-Re” Adapt no. 3 – The importance of a proper circulation

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A beautiful space, typical for narrow constructions. And though 59m² might sound small, for a one bedroom apartment is quite generous. Original layout: •  Completed: 1940 Surface: 59m² • The living room is spacious. The limited window surface forces the kitchen in the darker corner. That and most likely the existing pipes placement. • While I […]

Light Pollution

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The recent work done by Studio Roosegaarde at the Aflsuitdijk brought back into the spotlight the issue of light pollution. This is something that in my opinion, here in the Netherlands, does requires some attention. If not in the loop, you might be wondering why is there such an issue as light pollution. Is just […]