Send a Plan

I love discovering cities and their houses. When walking through their streets I always wander how do the apartments behind the facades look like. And so I regularly browse the real estate websites in the Netherlands, the biggest one being I don’t actively search for badly done apartments but for any apartment that entices me enough to want to see what my version of it would be.

So if you like my “-Re” House series, you know a funky apartment and you want to see my version of it, send it to me! If it sparks my interest I’ll play with it and then publish the results.

What to send:
• I need the floor plan  with dimensions. I can estimate the size of the room even without them, however accumulated small differences will yield unusable results. So please do provide dimensions.
• I do not show the interior pictures of the original apartments/houses on the website due to privacy concerns. I do however use them to get further information in what the space has to offer and what can be accomplished. They are also really useful as at times the plans created by the real estate company are not accurate. In this cases the pictures help me see the real layout.
• Please provide the year the construction was completed or a close enough estimate.
• If however you have found the apartment/house on a real estate website you can simply send me the link.

How to send:
• If you have the link, just use the Contact page. Add your name and e-mail and you are done. Add a few words if you want to say something about the apartment/house or if you have specific questions about it.
• If you have the pictures, make a folder on any of the following platforms: Dropbox, Photobucket, Flickr (or a similar one). Add the files as jpeg, png or pdf. Use the Contact form to send me the link to the folder. I will not accept archived files as I can not scan them prior to downloading the file.

Keep in mind:
• I aim to work on apartments/houses built after 2000. However, depending on context I am open to playing with constructions completed prior to that.
• It might take a while for me to get to your apartment/house so please be patient.
• Not all apartments/houses might qualify for the “-Re” series so do provide a correct e-mail address so I can inform you of that and thank you for your submission.
• The result is MY vision of it which I always explain. You might not agree with my approach, which is perfectly fine. If you have any comments please feel free to use the comment option and I will be more than happy to discuss them.