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“-Re” House no.3: The Core (2/2)

As I previously stated, in my opinion the layout of this apartment makes poor use of its surface, shape and amazing number of windows.

My main goals were:
• To increase the size of the 2 small bedrooms.
• To give the bathroom access to fresh air.
• To create a better flow of the space.

It is a natural instinct to gather around food and the fire pit has been the very first kitchen. With time it has also evolved into a social element. It has been most often regarded as a family moment, however in truth that is not because of the family element, but because the family has taken the strongest advantage of its social factor. With that in mind we can state that the kitchen is to this day the core of the house. So why not give it back that acknowledgement? Literally. By placing the kitchen almost in the center of the floor plan and by turning it into a focal point of the layout.

So this is what I did:
• I placed the bedrooms on the sides, all three having decent sizes and making great use of the views and windows.
• I do not believe that for a 3 bedroom apartment it is necessary to have a 75 m² living space. In my opinion 50 m² are more than enough.
• To create a better flow of the space I moved the front door to the other side. From the way the floor plan looks I believe that there is enough space in the original layout of the main staircase corridor  to allow for this change.
• The changes I made allow for a proper entry way and a clear indoor space where the rest of the family can privately function even when the front door is opened.
• The reasons why I placed the toilet in the center of the house and not tried to give it natural ventilation are the need to have it as close as possible to the main pipe (I think everybody can agree to that) and the fact that when you have guests, you don’t really want them to have to go searching for the toilet. No one wants to chase a toilet at 3 A.M., guest or no guest…

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