-Re House

“-Re” House no. 29 – Huh?

Yeap. This happened. Not really sure why, though. It is a new built complex, raised with the new neighborhood. It is not an old quirky little thing so, huh?!

Original layout:
•  Completed: 2005
Surface: 80m²
Terrace: 16m²

• Let’s start bottom to top. Not much to comment about the ground floor. The toilet doesn’t have an window because of the neighbor’s shed, but hey, not the end of the world.
• Ah, the first floor. The amazing first floor with its pretty kitchen, well laid in the back of the room, and no space what so ever for a proper couch and its usual TV…
Where do you put a table? How do you move around it? No matter where you put the couch and the TV, you’ll be bound to walk in between them and annoy the living daylight of who’s watching the football match.
• And we’ll finish gloriously with the top floor, where the “good stuff” is. Really? Who thought it was a good idea to have to walk through the master bedroom to reach the bathroom and the laundry room. Your bedroom is supposed to be the quiet place, where you can finally breathe and no one asks anything from you. You know?!
But here, your kids will go by the foot of the bed to get to the bathroom. Your teenager will want to do a laundry run and 11 pm when you can barely keep your eyes open and can’t feel your feet. Your screaming teenagers will fight over the bathroom to get ready for a party. Your intimate time will be severely diminished, put on a schedule and a lock will become your best friend.
And to top it all off, in that weird layout where the most sane place to place the bed is on the wall with the two windows, on the other side there is a tiny itsy bitsy window. So, you’re lying in bed, ready to open your eyes and take over the world. And then you do! And you see a puny window in the middle of a big wall. You don’t get to see the world, the sun, the trees. You don’t get to take in the word! Nope! You see the saddest window ever! At least if it was a plain wall you could put a painting, a TV or a nice wall paper. Yeap…
Though, it might be very possible that the saddest window ever was well though through in order to match a cheap and depressing bathroom. If you haven’t noticed, that is an open shower. Yeap! No curtain, no railing, no glass walls, nothing. Just a shower on a tiled wall…
• Oh! And if you have an infant or a small child, just don’t buy this house! Or maybe if you’re training for a triathlon… 

New layout:
OK, so what did I do?
• I started from the top and I gave the master bedroom its dignity and its well deserved privacy.
• I moved one floor down and created a nice place to sit down, have guests and watch TV.
I splurged and added a sexy barbecue to make everybody gasp for air when stepping onto the terrace. And made space for a dining table.
• I finished with small changes to the ground floor as due to the neighboring house, there were not that many available options.

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