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“-Re” House no. 28 – At an Angle

I’ve been having this project on a back burner for a quite a while. I saw it and could not resist. The angled wall in the living room kept asking for a brother. It took a while but I figured out what I would do with it.

Original layout:
•  Completed: 2014
Surface: 73m²

Original Layout
• The first thing that caught my eye was the size of the master bedroom in relation to the rest of the apartment as well as the intrusion in the night area/private when having to reach the toilet.
• The layout of the long and narrow hallway is bound to make one think that the point of interest is somewhere towards its end, and it kinda’ sort of is ;), but it is in no way helpful in navigating the apartment.
• I know that the aim is to keep a low cost, but the cheap, basic, not thought through layout of the bathroom is in no way helping its buying appeal.
• Lastly, the crooked wall of the living room as the odd one out feels rather weird. It was born out of the desire not to create a weird angle with the facade of the building, which is appreciated. However it feels more as an afterthought and not as an intended point of interest. I also think that the kitchen layout could do with a different approach.

New layout:
So what did I do?
• I reorganized the bedroom and created one amazing dressing space. The bedroom, the dressing and the bathroom, now work together in a highly intimate and practical way. The laundry room is close and easily reachable from the dressing and the bathroom. The sliding doors of the bedroom allow it to become one space with the rest and move with ease when needing to get ready. I love this! True, guests still intrude in the night area when reaching the toilet, but at least for the rest of the time it is one cool space!
• Reshaping the master bedroom allowed the introduction of a secondary bedroom or office, based on needs. The easy access to the room makes it a perfect office as guests can easily reach it from the front door.
• All this restructuring meant the relocation of the access to the living room. As the night area now has an entrance of its own, the access to the living does not necessarily have to be closed, though that is definitely an option.
In the original layout the couch was placed with the back at the balcony window, meaning that the view was literally wasted. Having the kitchen switch places with the living area means the view can now be fully used and appreciated.
• Moving the couch all the way to the wall would have created a weird space in my opinion. Moving it forward makes it intimate, easy to use and allows for a small desk area or reading nook.

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