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“-Re” House no. 25 – Even Small Spaces Need Love

For a while I lived in a 25m² studio. Two people. Nowhere to hide. Sometimes you literally just want to kill each other. Obviously we didn’t! :D So, a 37m² is totally doable as a two persons apartment.

Original layout:
•  Completed: 2011
Surface: 37m²

• For the love of all, unless it is a fancy schmancy hotel where you’re planing to woo your date, the bath should not be in the bedroom. The steam will ventilate through the bedroom and the noise will make it difficult not to wake up your significant other.

New layout:
• Ideally the toilet is separate from the rest of the bathroom to allow people not screaming at each other early in the morning when in a hurry. However, sometimes is much more efficient not to. This is one of those times.
• Storage space should ideally not be in the bedroom, even more so in such a small apartment. Moving it all out in the hallway makes it easy to access it at all times.
• Laundry space. The easy solution is to put the washing machine in the kitchen, however here is there enough space to create a designate space.

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