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“-Re” House no. 22 – Once Again, It’s the Little Things…

Sometimes, there is no other way. Sometimes, the layout just plays with your nerves. So then, it gets down to the fine details to help with the proper functioning of a residence.

Original layout:
•  Completed: 2004
Surface: 110m²
Loggia: 5m²
External storage: 6m²

• I have to admit that the load-bearring wall that cuts this apartment in half annoyed the living daylight out of me and I would have loved it so much to be able to do something about it. But that is one thing that does not work here… So let’s see!
• We have a total surface of 110m², which is generous for a two bedroom apartment. Despite that, the washing machine is located in the bathroom. Technically, there is nothing wrong with that, however it does not really make sense to cramp it all up when there is more than enough space.
• The kitchen has large working and storage capabilities. On the downside, it looks and most likely feels rather claustrophobic. It also does not have a proper connection with neither the living room nor the loggia.
• For the rest, I can’t say much. I am not a fan of the shape of the bedrooms, but that is not really up for debate. I do however think that the primary bedroom at 7.41m x 2.81m ca spare a few meters to be used differently.  


New layout:
• I firstly played with the bathroom. It is perfectly fine to steal a small portion from the main bedroom in order to provide a decent size laundry room. This frees space in the bathroom that can be used to add a shower. Obviously, if desired. 
• I then opened the kitchen in a way that actually connects with the rest of the space.
I grew up in a culture where cooking makes a lot of smell and steam. So the kitchen is rarely an open one. However with the technology of today many of those inconveniences are no longer a problem. On the opposite, the Dutch have in time, minimized the time they spend in the kitchen. Dishes are simple with minimal inconvenience. The funny thing is that it has not always been like that and that the Dutch cuisine used to be quite fancy. Ironically, not many people seem to know that. But, this is why an open kitchen in Dutch settings will work perfectly fine.
• And, as a final note, moving the dining area in direct sight of the access door provides an interesting element to be seen when entering the room.

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