-Re House

“-Re” House no. 16 – Just Because

And sometimes I just can’t help it! I have to play with the layout.

Original Layout:

• Completed: 2004
Surface: 130m²
Balcony: 11m²

• So, let’s see! First floor: living space, kitchen, a courtyard for light and a bedroom. Second floor: Two bedrooms and a bathroom.  Nothing out of the ordinary here. But there’s a few details that I simply could not resist.
• The way the functions have been arranged in the layout of the first floor creates a zig zag of spaces. Instead of having one big beautiful space for the living area there are pockets of space intertwined with diverse functions. This also results in a defective circulation.
• The feature of the ground floor, the inner court (which at this size, I am personally not really a fan of, however in this case I can clearly see its place) is sort of a kitchen window and a view for the space of the staircase. But then, is that void really bringing anything to the space? Can the view of the inner court be better used and bring even more to the layout?
• And last, but not the least, we have the issue of the storage/laundry located in the middle of the living space. If you’ve read my projects before, can you tell already where the issue is? Indeed, privacy, laundry, guests and the works.
• I do also feel that the terrace space on the top floor is a wasted space, however, from the pictures I believe that the neighbors are quite in a a close proximity, so it might not be the most efficient use of the space, but it might be best for the situation.


New Layout:• First of all, I reorganized the first floor. I moved all the utilitarian function to one side which resulted in a large, not fragmented space for the living room. It also allows for full view and use of the inner courtyard. And I moved the storage/laundry in such a way that at least is somewhat out of the full view of the day space.
• Another side effect of moving all the utilitarian spaces to one side is a circulation that does not intrude and allows for better movement and easier layouts.
• I removed the void of the staircase, which I know might upset some folks. But I know you’ll get over it! 
This added extra spec on the top floor allowing for a small lounge, desk, play room, or whatever else might be needed. This makes full use of the beautiful windows and of the view over the inner courtyard.  Which hopefully does’t end a patio of tiles…

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