-Re House

“-Re” House no. 13 – Past the Corner…

Ah, the beauty of going the long way around…

Original layout:
•  Completed: 2007
Surface: 74m²
Balcony: 12m²

• Just as bathrooms should have a window (with the obvious cases of “there is no way around”), the same way bedrooms should not be accessed through the living room. Why? Pure practicality.
You have guests, but one of you needs to sleep. The guests are sleeping over. You’re trying to sneak the boyfriend/girlfriend out the door while the unsuspecting parents just dropped by. You have somebody repairing the ceiling in the living room at 7 am while you are in a hurry to get ready to leave for work. Use your imagination…
• I also feel that by placing the kitchen in the center of the layout, the circulation has to go around it, thus more space gets lost. Basically the same rules as for hallways apply to circulation routes: the shorter and clearer the better.

New layout:
• I have provided full independence to the bedroom while allowing access to the bathroom from both the private area of the bedroom as well as from the more public area of the hallway and living room.
• I have simplified the corridor/circulation areas making space division extremely clear and easy to follow.
• I have indeed maintained only one bathroom without having the toilet separated which might upset some folks. However because this is a smaller apartment there is no absolute need for it. Note, that if desired, the toilet can be easily separated again.

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