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“Re” House no. 10: If you do something, own it!

I have to admit that this apartment kinda drove me nuts. Yeap! Nuts! I knew from the moment I saw it I wanted to play with it. There was just one drawback. It is an apartment completed prior to the year 2000.* In the end I decided that I did want to give it a try, so here it is!

Original layout:

• Completed: 1984
Surface: 85m²
Balcony: 6m²
External storage space: 5m²

• I truly understand that the Netherlands is a small country and thus most apartments are small. Fair enough! However the tendency to sacrifice the bedrooms (with the exception of the master bedroom) and toilets is something that confuses me greatly. What did they do to you? ;)
• Also, the drawing used on the website to advertise for the apartment is somewhat off. Don’t know if they use people with knowledge in the field, however is not the first time I see mistakes in them. By the way, the black block next to the washing machine is not a technical space but a walled in closed.
• The location of the main door  is rather unfortunate here. Though flipping the layout in order to have the living room close to the front door would sort some issues, it would also give it a view over the back “yard” instead of the main road. I did, however, really want the option to move it so I thoroughly researched the facade of the building to understand its location. I unfortunately found out that the door can not be moved. With that piece of news I then tried to find a logic to the zig zag one has to make in order to reach the living space. As you can imagine, I could not. I mean, I understand what they did, I just don’t understand why.

New layout: 
If you make a gesture, then do it properly! 

• If you chose to use a wall at an angle, then do it! Use that wall. Make it a feature. Don’t just hint at it, but make it visible.
That is something done usually with staircases.** If you have to have one in a visible place then make it count and show it off. And is the reason why I made mos of the exterior wall of the small bedroom at an angle.
In this current format, the wall directs you towards the living room. There is no question anymore of what happens and where it happens. The wall directs one through the hallway.
• My aim was to create a short, clear corridor and leave a large enough volume for the bedrooms and other utilities. Obviously, the easiest way to do that is to draw a straight line to the living room (option no 2), however that limits the functionality of the corridor. Thus, despite of the easy way out of the second version, I wanted to bring the door to the living room as far as possible from the wall.
• The biggest difference in the use of space between option 1 (above) and option 2 (bellow) is the fact that guests will not access the night area (bedrooms & co) unless desired. This is because the access to the toilet is done from the main corridor in option 1 while in option 2 is done from the small corridor accessing the bedrooms.
• Of course, the design of the living rooms itself and the bathroom can vary based on the desires and needs of the families to reside here, but the basic idea is there.

* If you’re new here, I generally aim for apartments completed since 2000 as I believe that recent architecture has no excuse in making illogical compromises.
** No worries. I have a house in the making for that topic too.

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