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“-Re” House no.1: The Adaptation (2/3)

My dream is to build my house from scratch. To have a piece of land of my own where I can do all that my heart desires. However  that is not always possible or desired. Some people might not want the hassle, not have the money or simply the mood for it. So in that case, I’d search for the best option possible. In the case of this particular house, this is what I would do:

• I would close the patio on the ground floor with a glass rooftop so that the space is usable in the cold rainy days of the Dutch weather. Due to the glass room the space still allows for the rooms adjacent to receive light.
• I would change the direction of the staircase so that the landing upstairs would allow for the shortest hallway towards the new terrace.
• I would decrease the ground floor bedroom and create a small corridor with an open staircase and storage under the staircase.
• I would then have to decrease the back entry storage area in order to allow for the bathroom, still having enough space for at least 2 bikes and stuff.
• I would use the amazing space of the roof and make a big terrace. I would however restrict its usage and leave a border of 1 meter. This is because next to the house there an alley and because the neighbors (which have the same layout) are rather close.

In this way the spaces are fluent, easy to use private spaces and no wasted areas.


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