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“-Re” Adapt no. 7 – Open Floor Plan

In all honesty, this apartment didn’t pose much of a challenge. I was curious of what I could do with it. But, hey! If the current owners see this, I’d love to play with it and give it a makeover. The interior space inspires a vintage-modern mixture, so there’s plenty to play with.

Original layout:
•  Completed: 1968
Surface: 58m²
Balcony: 5m²
External storage: 6m²

Original Layout
• Nothing out of the ordinary. It is a simple layout, with the night area on the right and the day area center-left. The toilet is easy to reach from both areas, but the bathroom not so much.
• Too many walls for my taste, however this is a 1968 apartment so we’re not going to debate that too much.
• The kitchen is close to both the entrance and the living room and it is well connected to a space that can easily be transformed into a dining area. The balcony is in direct sight so that is a nice bonus.
• Plenty of storage space close to the entrance.
See, not that much complaining this time. I promise to make up for it next time. 

New layout:
For me, the layout asks for more fluidity, for a more organic distribution of functions. Dividing everything resulted in small spaces. The kitchen felt like a glass box instead of being part of the rhythm of the house. Thus, my choice to open it up.
• Ideally, the bedroom would also allow for an open space feeling, but I’m a realist. Privacy is a major issue so I’ll behave this time.
• I did however also wanted to test the version of the bedroom fully closed off from the day area. The resulted nook can either be, once again a dining area, or it can house a small office. And yes, I personally dislike desks where one faces the wall and not the space of the room so I do best to avoid them.

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