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“-Re” Adapt no. 16 – Unexpected versatility

“-Re” House together with “-Re” Adapt are two series part of a project in which I review, refine and redesign residential projects available on the Dutch housing market. “-Re” House touches projects that have been completed after the year 2000 and could have been done more efficiently to begin with, while “-Re” Adapt looks at how to better adapt older residential architecture that was designed in a different cultural and historical context. 

Indeed, this plan is not a challenge. I have run out of the really fun crooked stuff and have not managed to sit down and browse my favorite website in search of quirky stuff.
I did however like the versatility of this plan. Depending on the number of people and their needs the plan can accommodate one bedroom + living room, bedroom + office + living room, two bedrooms + living room, and so on.

Original layout:
•  Completed: 1939
Surface: 53m²
External storage: 5m²

• The space located in the center of the plan, presently used as a bedroom/storage space creates a lack of privacy due to the fact that people will constantly use it to reach other spaces. It also lacks in terms of light potential.
• The maximum depth of a space in order to be able to receive a decent amount of natural light is 6 meter. That means that once provided with large glass surfaces the only possible problem remains ventilation. For that purpose, simple solutions such as small openings in the door design that allow for a continuous flow of air can easily make a difference.
• The issue of the windowless bedroom is a somewhat controversial one and has thus been tackled before on this website: “-Re” House no. 15 and  “Re” Adapt no 10.

New layout:

• In essence, all I did here through relatively small changes is to emphasize the possibilities of the space. The interior divider walls are usually made of cheap light materials easy to relocate (always by professionals… you never know where the electric wires are…). The large surfaces of glass doors of the master bedroom allow for air, light as well as privacy, even more now with the addition of the interior hallway.

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