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The Playhouse Competition

The Playhouse Competition by Bob Borson the architect behind The Life of an Architect has reached its 6th year and it has bloomed into a lovely little international movement. The winning designs are used to create fun playhouses that are then given for charity.

I learned about it last year. So this year, I decided to play a little. Initially I wanted to do something really mobile and flexible and ended up with a complicated Ikea style pile of elements. After the excitement wore off I had to stop, breathe and think of the children! Yeap, think of the children! They are small people that get bored easily. So me giving them “Ikea puzzles” was a rather mean idea. I mean, it is a mean idea for most of us adults, so… you see!
It is possible that I moved too much into the slick, simple yet multi functional architecture, however for a first try I really like the result. I also think, that what I have designed falls more into the category of older children that create stories and would thus use a finer background.  But that’s OK! We’ll have to play more for the 7th edition. Till next year Bob! :D


Want to see the first round of finalists? Just click here!
The winners will be announced on 24th of April.


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