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The Lamp – Playing with Furniture

I’ve been asked on several occasions how I get inspired. Where do I find the inspiration for all my ideas? And in all honesty, I have’t got a clue!
I actually have piles of ideas that just pop up either during research sessions or whenever they feel like it!

I have no clue whatsoever what connections were made and what exactly triggered this lamp and its design. I know that it “hit” me one day that the one particular corner where two lamps were already residing would look much better with something like this. Two days later I was in the “candy store”, a.k.a. the do it yourself shop closest to my house, and discovered that the insignificant costs I had estimated were way off. Well, that’s kinda obvious when you add up only the wood and not the cable, the plug, the on/off switch, the dimmer, the light bulb socket as well as the light bulb itself. You know…

All in all, we’re here. The lamp is done and it is fully functional. Can’t say that about my camera which I now believe to be well past its prime (not happy with the final picture)…
Know anybody with a workshop willing to share tools and every once in a while play with furniture? Do tell!

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