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My Waterfall House

The assignments was to create an ecological house. No restrictions, no rules, no guidelines. Ironically, though most people think that those are the best projects, they are some of the most difficult. The context of unlimited options forces one to immediately choose one specific direction, theme, chapter narrowing the usable elements.

I envisioned a house in the mountains. Carved into the rocks yet protruding enough to stand out. I pictured it in the near vicinity of a waterfall so that it could use its flow in order to create energy. The shape and the materials used for the construction allow it to blend into a forest.

The layout division had to be clear: night – day. So I placed the bedrooms into the rock. Like this they are protected from view and as much as possible from noise.
Don’t panic! I know, I know! The waterfall might actually be the downfall of the project as the noise could be making the house unlivable. However, keeping in mind that the technology moves at unbelievable speeds, I choose to believe in the strength of such a a concept.

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