“-Re” House no. 22 – Once Again, It’s the Little Things…

Sometimes, there is no other way. Sometimes, the layout just plays with your nerves. So then, it gets down to the fine details to help with the proper functioning of a residence. Original layout: •  Completed: 2004 Surface: 110m² Loggia: 5m² External storage: 6m² • I have to admit that the load-bearring wall that cuts this […]

“-Re” House no. 21 – It’s the little things

Rethinking and reorganizing a home does not always have to imply changing everything. Sometimes is the little things, a few small changes that make all the difference. Original layout: •  Completed: 2010 Surface: 70m² Loggia: 9m² External storage: 5m² • This is actually a not so small apartment. At 70m², it has plenty of space to […]

“-Re” House no. 19 – Distribution and Privacy

Generally there are two types of residences. The ones that have as a point of distribution the hallway/s and as a result, each main room is accessed only from it/them. And the ones where the living rooms and/or other rooms are used as distribution points. The most extreme version is a “wagon” type house where […]

“-Re” House no. 17 – The Hamster Box

And the hamster box strikes again! Original layout: • Completed: 2009 Surface: 90m² • The issue with these spaces is not that they have enclosed the balcony/loggia with a set of interior glass walls, but that it was not a balcony/loggia to begin with. The space was not designed as an exterior space (which later got enclosed) […]

“-Re” House no. 16 – Just Because

And sometimes I just can’t help it! I have to play with the layout. Original Layout: • Completed: 2004 Surface: 130m² Balcony: 11m² • So, let’s see! First floor: living space, kitchen, a courtyard for light and a bedroom. Second floor: Two bedrooms and a bathroom.  Nothing out of the ordinary here. But there’s a few details […]

“-Re” House no. 13 – Past the Corner…

Ah, the beauty of going the long way around… Original layout: •  Completed: 2007 Surface: 74m² Balcony: 12m² • Just as bathrooms should have a window (with the obvious cases of “there is no way around”), the same way bedrooms should not be accessed through the living room. Why? Pure practicality. You have guests, but one […]