The Hamster Box

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Neufert’s magical book for architects has this lovely page about balconies. It exemplifies the various types and their characteristics. Balconies are exterior structures, typically on the outer limits of the facade with the simple purpose of providing outdoor experience to the residents of an apartment. When these balconies are placed inside the limits of a facade (biting […]

“-Re” House no.4: The Division

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Architecture is interconnected with culture, society economy and history. As a science as well as an art, architecture has evolved in incredible ways throughout time. There are beautiful and incredible old designs, however the largest number of residential designs would make people cringe today. We have learned and we have evolved, so it is more […]

The Door

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Though extremely useful and highly loved within an apartment, a door occupies a large surface. The surface that a door uses in the process of opening is a dead space. Can not be occupied with anything else and has to be taken in consideration when calculation circulation routes within the room itself as well as […]