“-Re” House no. 23 – Understanding Space

This is the “original” Hamster Box, the first apartment I used to explain the “fake loggias”. These are fake balconies made from creating a glass enclosure behind a facade. I added my five cents on the matter here. Original layout: •  Completed: 2001 Surface: 126m² External storage: 9m² • The layout of this apartment is limited by […]

Architecture is about and for the people

This is something I have been wanting to write for some time and the collaboration with ImpactCity – The Hague Innovators served as a catalyst. I don’t believe in just taking things as they are. We are the ones that create our own worlds through the choices we make on a daily basis. And so, accepting […]

“-Re” House no. 22 – Once Again, It’s the Little Things…

Sometimes, there is no other way. Sometimes, the layout just plays with your nerves. So then, it gets down to the fine details to help with the proper functioning of a residence. Original layout: •  Completed: 2004 Surface: 110m² Loggia: 5m² External storage: 6m² • I have to admit that the load-bearring wall that cuts this […]

“-Re” House no. 21 – It’s the little things

Rethinking and reorganizing a home does not always have to imply changing everything. Sometimes is the little things, a few small changes that make all the difference. Original layout: •  Completed: 2010 Surface: 70m² Loggia: 9m² External storage: 5m² • This is actually a not so small apartment. At 70m², it has plenty of space to […]

Open Monumentendag Amsterdam

Open Monumentendag is a cultural event that takes place in the second weekend of September throughout the Netherlands. An impressive number of monuments open their doors for one or both days. And if some of them can be visited other times of the year, some, such as private homes or offices, are open to the […]

“-Re” House no. 19 – Distribution and Privacy

Generally there are two types of residences. The ones that have as a point of distribution the hallway/s and as a result, each main room is accessed only from it/them. And the ones where the living rooms and/or other rooms are used as distribution points. The most extreme version is a “wagon” type house where […]