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Human Nature, Psychology and Architecture

We are influenced from the very first moment in one way or another by everything that surrounds us.

Mothers are aware that food, environment, stress and emotions have a major impact on a baby. Education, home environment and more get added to the list once the child is born. The amazing thing is that more and more people are talking about the impact of what we hear, see and what we end up telling ourselves.

Contrary to the general opinion, everything we hear and see has an effect on us. Everything that everybody around us feels does influence us. Everything we see stirs an emotion and activates our subconscious. And as we pick up everything, we turn into people that we no longer understand and people around misunderstand.

No one teaches us that and the conscious process of understanding ourselves, our reactions and our emotions. It is a rather difficult process to understand who we are and being able to distinguish between the choices we make and the ones made by our society.

In short: we are influenced by all that surrounds us => we show who we are through our choices (our behavior is a choice) => we create what we live through our choices => we live what we are =>

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Want to know more of why I am talking about psychology in architecture? Human nature and in turn psychology are at the core of our society. They explain and shape us and our environment. To learn more I’d like to introduce you to the work of Marisa Peer.  She is a fantastic therapist I love to listen. In the video bellow she talks about how seemingly innocent moments of our childhood shape incredibly large parts of our lives. This shows you the power of our environment and the importance of being aware of it.

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