Archi-Re: Review, Refine, Redesign

Embrace your space! Play with it!
Get to know it and in the process, get to know yourself!

I love the beauty of a floor plan and the way it ties it all together. My goal is to research and make architecture focused on making people thrive. And while there are cultures that simply replace architecture when it becomes obsolete (which I find beautifully intriguing) I doubt that would be the best approach in this context. This is why Archi-Re is based on the concept of Review, Redefine, Redesign’.

It is not beneficial to design out of inertia and repeat the same outdated concepts and mistakes. Thus floor plans and spaces need to be constantly reviewed based on the thriving of the human beings using them. We grow and evolve culture and society through out history. And so, if at any point in time something proves not to perform at its proper capacity it needs to be redefined. Finally, in order to continue being used, it needs to be redesigned.
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Space Design

Understanding one’s space through understanding oneself is the key to a successful home design. Its core elements are psychology, efficient design and sustainability.

Space Talk

The process of buying a space starts long before the actual purchase. The first steps are understanding one’s present and future possible needs as well as desires. A thorough plan of self knowledge is the best base to building, buying or renting the right space.

Home Staging

Residential spaces are unique to each one of us. Selling a space means stripping it of its magic and making it generally attractive so that new residents can see themselves building their own magic there.

About Me

Hi! My name is Corina and I am the architect behind Archi-Re.
I am a Master graduate of TU/e, an international and an optimist. I believe in the power of architecture and in the importance of awareness.

I am keen on working with people interested in discovering themselves through the architecture of their spaces and implicitly discovering what their spaces can do for them.

I am on the lookout for people open to giving feedback on their present time spaces and their architecture. If you’re open to answering a series of questions and having your floor plan featured, use the links below to let me know.

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Send a Plan

If you like my “-Re” House series, you know a funky apartment and you want to see my version of it, send it to me! If it sparks my interest I’ll play with it and then publish the results. Click here for details.